Help us reach 150 Ambassadors for 150 years!

Why are ambassadors important?

The best way to reach every Gamma Phi Beta is through her treasured sisters!

People are much more likely to give when asked by a friend or family member. Help us reach every sister this milestone year.

Why become an ambassador?

It’s short-term volunteering with a big impact!

We ask our ambassadors to share the Gamma Phi Gives Day message via social media, phone call and email. That’s it!

What's in it for you?

The feel-good knowledge that you made a difference – plus swag!

Funds raised via your unique ambassador link will be totaled and ambassadors who reach certain milestones will receive great Gamma Phi Beta swag. Plus, all ambassadors will receive an ambassador ribbon at Convention in Chicago.

Gamma Phi Gives Day ambassadors inspire others to give - thus impacting the lives of sisters through financial aid, Loyalty Grants, and educational programs. 

Join us for 1,874 minutes on March 19-20!

What does an ambassador do?

The Ambassadors tap their personal network to share their unique giving link across social media, email, phone calls and texts! 

What's the timeline?

Before March 19: Identify who to contact, send save the date messages. 

On March 19 and 20:  Share unique giving link, post graphics, encourage Gamma Phi Beta sisters from all over to make a gift!

What resources are available?

1. A full Ambassador Toolkit

2. Graphics to share on social media 

3. Scripts for phone calls and texts

4. Scripts for emails.

5. Staff support throughout the campaign!

If we reach our goal of
150 ambassadors,
Judy Graham (Oklahoma)
will donate $1,874!

We want as many collegiate chapters represented as possible!

Don't see your chapter listed below? Sign up today! Chapters are encouraged to have multiple ambassadors to reach the maximum number of sisters.

The more sisters we reach equals more support the Foundation can give to our Sorority!

We have ambassadors from the following chapters: 

Alpha (Syracuse)

Alpha Beta (North Dakota)

Alpha Chi (William and Mary)

Alpha Delta (Missouri-Columbia)

Alpha Epsilon (Arizona)

Alpha Lambda (British Columbia)

Alpha Nu (Wittenberg)

Alpha Omicron (North Dakota State)

Alpha Phi (Colorado College)

Alpha Tau (McGill)

Alpha Theta (Vanderbilt)

Alpha Upsilon (Penn State)

Alpha Zeta (Texas-Austin)

Beta (Michigan)

Beta Beta (Maryland)

Beta Delta (Michigan State)

Beta Epsilon (Miami-Ohio)

Beta Eta (Bradley)

Beta Gamma (Bowling Green)

Beta Kappa (Arizona State)

Beta Lambda (San Diego State)

Beta Mu (Florida State)

Beta Omega (Northern Arizona)

Beta Omicron (Oklahoma City)

Beta Phi (Indiana)

Beta Pi (Indiana State)

Beta Psi (Oklahoma State)

Beta Rho (Colorado-Boulder)

Beta Sigma (Washington State)

Beta Tau (Texas Wesleyan)

Beta Theta (San Jose State)

Beta Upsilon (Kansas State)

Beta Xi (Ohio State)

Chi (Oregon State)

Delta Beta (Boise State)

Delta Chi (California State-Sacramento)

Delta Delta (California State-Fullerton)

Delta Eta (California-Irvine)

Delta Gamma (California State-Fullerton)

Delta Iota (Purdue)

Delta Mu (Rutgers)

Delta Nu (Missouri State)

Delta Pi (Illinois State)

Delta Theta (California Polytechnic State)

Delta Upsilon (Georgia)

Epsilon (Northwestern)

Epsilon Beta (Alma)

Epsilon Delta (Creighton)

Epsilon Epsilon (Union College)

Epsilon Iota (Christopher Newport)

Epsilon Lambda (Alabama)

Epsilon Mu (Loyola-New Orleans)

Epsilon Nu (Chapman)

Epsilon Pi (George Mason)

Epsilon Rho (Stephen F. Austin State)

Epsilon Sigma (Morehead State)

Epsilon Tau (Rochester)

Epsilon Theta (Clemson)

Epsilon Zeta (Jacksonville)

Eta Chi (California State-San Marcos)

Eta Eta (South Florida)

Eta Lambda (Central Florida)

Eta Rho (Nevada-Las Vegas)

Eta Sigma (Central Missouri)

Eta Xi (Florida)

Eta Zeta (Cincinnati)

Gamma Alpha (Memphis)

Gamma Beta (Gettysburg)

Gamma Chi (Texas State-San Marcos)

Gamma Gamma (Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

Gamma Iota (Midwestern State)

Gamma Kappa (Nebraska-Kearney)

Gamma Omicron (Kentucky)

Gamma Phi (Auburn)

Gamma Psi (Northern Iowa)

Gamma Rho (Wisconsin-Oshkosh)

Gamma Tau (St. Louis)

Gamma Zeta (Texas A&M-Commerce)

Kappa (Minnesota-Twin Cities)

Lambda (Washington)

Nu (Oregon)

Pi (Nebraska-Lincoln)

Psi (Oklahoma)

Tau (Colorado State)

Theta (Denver)

Xi (Idaho)

Zeta Alpha (Eastern Washington)

Zeta Beta (Virginia)

Zeta Delta (Southeast Missouri State)

Zeta Eta (Lander)

Zeta Iota (Valparaiso)

Zeta Kappa (Southern Indiana)

Zeta Nu (Detroit Mercy)

Zeta Omega (Kennesaw State)

Zeta Psi (Texas-San Antonio)

Zeta Rho (Texas A&M-College Station)

Zeta Sigma (South Carolina)

Zeta Theta (Pepperdine)

Zeta Xi (College of Idaho)